Behind every board there lies a story. In the case of Canvas, this story begins with Daniel Phillips, founder and sole fabricant of over 90 Canvas boards that have been produced to this day.  His wife Natalia joined him along the way, and they have now teamed up to create a brand that promotes the practice of boarding sports in en environment of tolerance and camaraderie. Along these lines, Canvas celebrates diversity, and  seeks to strengthen a cultural movement that includes just about any boarding sport.


Our misión is to produce high-performance boards in the most sustainable way posible. We initially assumed this challenge in Colombia, where we developed a first collection of longboards and cruisers made of guadua, a species of bamboo with extraordinary mechanical properties.

This year, we moved to Chile with the purpose of encompassing skates, snowboards and surfboards, a trifecta that has been fundamental to the Canvas visión from the beginning. Along these lines, we are in a constant process of exploring local materials and revising our own fabrication processes, as we believe that there is always a way of reducing waste.


Before reaching your hands, every single Canvas model has been prototyped, tested and adjusted according to the needs that we, as athletes, have identified alongside our colleagues and friends.

Regardless of your level of expertise you can rest assured that you are acquiring much more than a product: you are becoming part of an experience.



Our work dynamics are 100% collaborative, and we believe in the power of teamwork.

We see boarding sports as a medium for corporal expression, and use boards as a platform for artists to showcase their work. So far, our longboards have been the canvas of eNe eNe (Chile), Lesivo (Colombia), DJLU (Colombia), Bambi, Dast and Guache (Colombia). We are always looking for new collaborators so, if you are interested in becoming a part of our initiative, contact us with a sample of what you do!